During the Meiji Restoration, Japan broke from its isolation and plunged itself into world affairs.

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Japan is among the world's most densely populated nations.

It's population size and density is so extreme that it significantly affects business in a host of areas, from the comparatively large domestic market size in so geographically small a country to the high cost of real estate and limited agricultural capability.

Japan adopted European imperialism with the same vigor it had adopted European business and manufacturing practices.

Following the European model of militarily conquering other cultures and converting them into colonies, Japan rapidly extended its empire at the close of the 19th century.

Japan's population of over 125 million people is squeezed into an area smaller than Montana.

Additionally, dozens of Japanese islands are sparsely inhabited, and several regions even on Honshu and Hokkaido are largely uninhabitable due to mountains or other treacherous terrain.Not until the latter half of the 19th century, with the accession of Emperor Meiji, did the shogunate system finally end.The replacement of the shogunate system with direct Imperial rule is called the Meiji Restoration, named so since Emperor Meiji restored Imperial power.By comparison, the United States has only 8 cities of that size and Germany only 1.Moreover, these numbers correspond only to the populations within the official city limits.The Japanese home has an average of under 30 square meters per person (compared to 64 square meters per person in the United States), making Japan the most crowded among the G7 nations.