Jennifer Aniston is currently separated from Justin Theroux.

She has been in 15 celebrity relationships averaging approximately 2.9 years each.

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston did not expect to be single once again and she is "sad and disappointed" as her marriage with Justin Theroux did not work out.

According to a source close to Aniston, the Friends star believes in love ultimately, she may not date anyone again.

But, she is a big believer in falling in love and spending her life with a partner that loves sharing hers," the source was quoted by People as saying.

Sources close to the pair detail how Aniston and Theroux's clashing lifestyles drove them apart and how their powerful chemistry first drew them together. A.) tried adopting Theroux's New York City-based luxurious lifestyle but it made her miserable. And while it seemed Justin gave up many months ago, Aniston only very recently started telling friends that they (relationship) were over," the source continued.

With such differences, it became totally exhausting and frustrating for the pair. Read | How Do You Get Over A Break Up With Jennifer Aniston?

You Don't Last Thursday, the pair announced their separation, due to "differences".

According to a recent report, Angelina Jolie kept her six kids from Brad Pitt on Father's Day.

Sources say the actress jetted down to Africa with the children, planning the trip to coincide with the annual holiday of appreciation for their famous dad.

However, many of the rumors of a reunion have been debunked by “They haven’t seen each other in ages,” the source with inside knowledge of their relationship said.